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The Birth of "Forest Circus"
We are firm believers of our First Amendment, our Freedom of Speech and having fun with it!

Back in the late 1990's our little town had the opportunity to experiencing the Forest Service's investigation of what some folks thought was a heavy handed, renegade United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service law enforcement officer.


It was through this first hand experience that the two choices were to laugh or cry. We decided to LAUGH! Hence; the parody "U S Forest Circus - Department of Aggravation" was born. 


Through the years we have been confronted by lawyers that have worked with the Forest Service, asking us, "Does the Government know what you are doing?" We politely reply, "Yep, they do they copyrighted it for us!" 


Not everyone that works with or for the Forest Service is against this parody line. We are not ANTI - Forest Service. Having plenty of friends that have or continue to work for the agency, we simply find of the decisions a little silly to say the least.  The US Forest Circus items continue to great sellers for US Forest Service retiree parties!


Individuals from all over this great country have enjoyed our t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, bumper stickers and more, celebrating their Freedom of Speech. Why not join the fun! 


Shop online or check out our Retailers. Find them on our "Where to Buy" page.



  • Good news, that law enforcement officer was removed from our town after a full investigation! 

  • Bad news, he was moved to another unsuspecting town.

  • Good news, word has it.....he is retired now!


Since 1994 Jerry and Sandy have lived in Lander, Wyoming. If you love Wyoming please check out these 12 beautiful design JB's Wild Wyoming (Wyoming Tourism Poster Prints.) 


Sandy is a professional Spiritual Intuitive, Student of Healing Touch, Certified AromaTouch Trainer with clientele from all over the world. Please see her website at for more information.

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