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Our Story

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Established in 1994...


JB's Wild Wyoming Inc. ...we are a husband and wife team. Through the life of our marriage, we have had a multitude of businesses. This one is near and dear to our hearts because it showcases the abundant landscapes, wildlife, National Parks, and Wyoming's majesty, mixed with the humor one must have to live here. 


Back in the 1990s, the State of Wyomings' Department of Tourism ran this beautiful award-winning campaign. This campaign ran for almost three years. These twelve whimsical designs capture the heart of Wyoming. 


We discovered that these magnificent designs would be locked up forever, for the world never to see again. That is when we went to work with the Attorney General to showcase them for others to enjoy as much as we have.


​We are happy to provide these designs to any and all that would like a taste of Wyoming. They make great gifts, decorative decor, and more!

Thank you for stopping by,

Jerry and Sandy Bath




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